Science and Christianity

The picture on our mission page is the view of the chapel as seen from the upper floor of the center atrium of Mills Hall. Mills Hall, the building in which all the sciences are housed at Covenant, appropriately has a view of the chapel out the front, and out the back one sees the lovely vistas of our mountainous surroundings. Thus our front door to knowledge is the book of scripture via the cross, while through these spectacles we study the nature that is all around us. The picture to the right is the original book cover of a book entitled Science & Grace by Professors Tim Morris (Biology) and Don Petcher (Physics).  You can order it (in its new cover) at

Below are a few links to websites related to issues of science and Christianity. (The views expressed on these web pages are not necessarily representative of our own.)


The American Scientific Affiliation
The Christian Scientific Society
The Discovery Institute
The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
CRTA page on Creation, Science, and Christianity
Reasons To Believe
Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences
Affiliation of Christian Geologists
The Templeton Foundation
The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences
Talk Origins
Letters to Creationists
Facing the Challenge of our times
International Society for Science and Religion
Counterbalance Meta Library
The Institute for Creation Research
Answers in Genesis
The Canyon Institute for Advanced Studies
Metanexus Institute
Evolutionary Christianity
FASTly (A Website for teachers addressing faith and science issues)


Study Reports:
Presbyterian Church in America Report of the Creation Study
Report of the Committee to Study Views of Creation, Orthodox Presbyterian Church (pdf)


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