Some Websites Related to Physics

The following are websites for physics students:

National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undegraduate Search Site (for summer research)
"The Nucleus" - resources for physics undergraduates
The Society of Physics Students (SPS) home page
For those interested in graduate school, the SPS has a website to provide information about graduate programs. You can also follow on twitter: @GRADSCHOOLSHOPPER

Here is the Physics Today website, and also their jobs site.

Feynman's Lectures are now available online.
Feynman's Famous Messenger Lectures were taped and are now available at Project Tuva.

 (You will need to have SilverLight installed to view them.)

A list of locations for finding particle physics information (includes is a searchable archive of physics preprints (papers submitted before publication). is an archive of lectures on physics, patterned somewhat after arXiv.
INSPIRE is a literature database for high energy physics papers. (It was formerly called SPIRES.)

Information about the Physics Major Field Test (The MFT is required for assessment in the senior year.)

Here is an interesting commercial from an engineering standpoint: Honda Accord Commercial

Here are some other physics links:

The American Institute of Physics (AIP History of Physics Site)
The American Physical Society: And note the new APS online journal called Physics
      Also check out the APS's Physics Central, an educational site which among other things
      has some educational physics comics featuring a superhero called Spectra.
      The public website of the Particle Data Group has some interesting information.
      Finally, note that the APS offers a free one year trial membership for students.
The European Physical Society
Physics Education Research Group - Kansas State University
Georgia State University's Hyperphysics page
Fizzics Fizzle - Interactive Guide to Physics.
The Institute of Physics electronic journals has a Physics Education Journal
ITP Santa Barbara Public Lectures
Courses in Complexity Theory from the Sante Fe Institute
Physics Nobel Prize winners at (Nobel Lectures since 1999)
PhET Interactive Simulations at the University of Colorado, Boulder
Physics Virtual Subject Library
For Mac users: Mac OS X for Physicists (somewhat dated but still useful)

Resources for funding support for graduate school:

National Science Foundation Fellowships
National Physical Science Consortium
National Academies

Also see:

Some physics concept exercises from W.W. Norton and Company

An interesting math website: Wolfram Alpha (Note: Stephen Wolfram is the author of Mathematica, a symbolic manipulation program for mathematics. For some free and open source packages of similar nature, see our Student Resources page.)

Here is a resource particularly for those majoring in mathematics: Online Math Degrees

Here is a resource for science teachers in general:  What If Learning

A Menagerie of Physics Websites, Most With Physics Demonstration Applets:

Various Physics Applets More Physics Applets Some Quantum Applets Particle World Physlets Resonata - A Wave Machine Lissajous Lab Flows of Vector Fields A Complex Mapping Viewer Teslamania Another Kinetic Theory Applet Lot's More On Kinetic Theory Another Fresnel Diffraction Applet Another Slit Diffraction Applet Acoustics and Vibration Animations Animations of Physical Processes Quantum Mechanical Scattering Forced Oscillations (Resonance) Field of a Moving Point Charge Harmonic Phasors and Fourier Series MyPhysicsLab Simulations Physics 2000 Earth-Moon Distance An Atlas of the Universe Car Physics and Newton's Laws Finding the Speed of Light with Marshmallows Sky Chart Snowflakes Errors and Misconceptions Sound Lab Wave Packets in Classical Limit Powers of 10 Applet Scale of the Universe

Finally, on the lighter side, here is a website of science jokes.



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