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Dr. Morris and Dr. Petcher author Science & Grace!

Dr. Petcher, along with Dr. Morris in the Biology Department, has written a book entitled Science & Grace. The book is an attempt to lay a theological foundation for viewing and doing science. Some questions addressed: What is a law of nature? What is a miracle? How should we view God's interaction with His creation? Is science a legitimate calling for Christians? If so, will our science look any different from that done in the scientific culture at large? How do we view our doing science before God as a cultural activity? What difference does our being "in Christ" make in how we do our science? How has our view of science changed in the postmodern world and what difference does it make? How can Christians and non-Christians work together in the scientific enterprise to a common end if we are serving different masters?

The book is now out of print at Crossway Publishers but we have arranged for a second printing at

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