Why Covenant?

As Jesus clearly states in Luke 6:48-49, the importance of a solid foundation cannot be overemphasized. Covenant seeks to lay a solid foundation in the Dual Degree students in the three areas of spiritual maturity, intellectual breadth, and engineering ability.

All students at Covenant College receive the highest caliber reformed education in an environment conducive to healthy spiritual growth and maturity. In addition to Bible classes, all classes are taught within the context of a reformed worldview. This encourages and enables students to see God's hand in every area of life. By "putting on the mind of Christ" students seek to glorify God in every academic pursuit, from calculus and physics to history and literature, creating a priceless foundation for their eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.

By seeing all of creation through the eyes of Christ, students at Covenant learn a broad range of material. Dual Degree students take classes in history, literature, philosophy and languages in fulfillment of their requirement for the Bachelor of Arts. This liberal arts foundation makes Covenant students more well rounded and educated than engineers at other schools -- giving them an enlightened mind and a fantastic advantage in job searches.

Finally, Covenant seeks to prepare students for a successful time at Georgia Tech and for a successful career thereafter. This desire is fulfilled in the quality of education Covenant provides. Foundational classes in math and science taught in an intimate environment by caring professors, providing an excellent foundation for further success.

The success of the three-fold mission of the dual degree program can be seen in the overwhelming success Covenant students experience at Georgia Tech and in their professional careers. Dual Degree students are thoroughly equipped to impact the world for the Kingdom of God.