Engineering Dual-Degree Program

Three Engineering students graduate from Covenant in 2016!

In 2016 we had three engineers graduate after finishing their SIPs. In the photo you can see (L to R) Jim Hurt, Bryan Stern, and professor Curt Stern after the graduation. Jim and Bryan graduated from Georgia Tech that day as well! In addition Jacob Richter also got his BA degree diploma as he continues in engineering school. We wish them all the best!



Covenant College has a Dual Degree Program in engineering to give students pursuing a technical field the opportunity to have both a solid, Christ-centered education and also a top-notch engineering training. The program typically consists of three years at Covenant College where the student is taught the fundamentals in mathematics, sciences, and beginning engineering. The student then transfers to Georgia Institute of Technology (or any other approved engineering institution) and studies the remaining engineering courses in the chosen field of engineering. Upon completion of the program, the student will receive two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science from Covenant College and a Bachelor of Science in the particular branch of engineering from the chosen engineering school.

Covenant has an existing program with Georgia Tech, and most Dual Degree students opt to continue their education at this highly prestigious engineering school, accordingly. However, any other school can also be used as long as it meets the approval of the Dual Degree director at Covenant.

Choosing a college is a very important decision, so the rest of this website is geared towards supplying the prospective student with information about the Dual Degree Program in engineering in order that a wise decision may be made. Please choose from the menu items on the left to see why the Dual Degree program may be for you, or to see a possible schedule. If after looking you still have questions or would like more information, you can always contact Dr. Stern, the Dual Degree Coordinator for the Engineering Program.