Callings and Careers for Physics Majors

A physics major can prepare you for a wide variety of careers. Teaching physics in high school, or going on to graduate school are probably the most common directions physics majors take, and teaching or research in physics can be a very interesting and rewarding career in the service of our Lord. But beyond that, the physics major teaches analytical, mathematical, and problem solving skills which can be put to use in many areas, both technical and otherwise.

Using the skills obtained while majoring in physics, people have gone on to do many different things, from working in the stock market to solving problems for businesses.

If you are wondering what sort of jobs are out there for those in physics, or you are about to graduate and want to look for a job, check out the Physics Today Career Network job board. The website also has advice for those interested in attending graduate school. And have a look at What Can I Do With a Major in Physics? where you may be surprised at how versatile a physics major might be!


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