Covenant College's Thin Film Growth and Characterization Lab for Undergraduates

On this page you can keep up with the progress for the Physics Department's lab for undergraduate research. This facility was made possible by a grant from the Division of Materials Research at the National Science Foundation, under the Major Research Instrumentation program. In addition, the Sanderson Fund from Covenant College helped with the purchase of several components of the lab. Covenant College has also made possible the purchase of the 0.7 T magnet, as well as providing support for student workers for 6 summers. The Principal Investigator is Prof. Phillip Broussard.



Date Status

Dr. Broussard will be presenting the research done over the past summer with Romy Vekony at the SESAPS conference in Milledgeville, GA this week. The talk will be posted later.


Romy Vekony, seen above, is working with me this summer to look at hysteresis in Transverse Voltage measurements on superconductors. I have a new paper accepted to be published in JLTP this year. You can see it on arxiv here.


Kyle gave a poster presentation and I gave an oral presentation on our summer work at the SESAPS conference in Charlottesville, VA. Here is the poster that Kyle presented and here is the talk that I gave. Was a good conference.


Kyle Vivian and Dr. Broussard will be submitting abstracts to the SESAPS meeting in November that will take place in Charlottesville, VA. Kyle will be presenting on his transport measurements in thin NiCr alloys, and Dr. Broussard will be presenting on parallel critical fields in thin Nb films.


Kyle Vivian has been studying the change in transport properties of NiCr alloys as the films get thinner. He has measured films down to 3 nm thick. More to be looked at! Keep posted!


Kyle Vivian will be starting his research project on June 6 in Summer 2016. We plan to look at Weak Localization in thin metal films. Keep posted!


I gave a presentation on the work Angela did at the SESAPS conference in Mobile, AL. Here is the talk that was given. We could not produce films with clean properties as we wished, and with the sabbatical ending soon, will look forward to doing research in summer of 2016.


Angela has finished her summer project and will be heading back to Basil, Switzerland soon. She will be missed. Here is her paper that she did describing her research. I will be on sabbatical this Fall and hope to continue the attempt to produce cleaner Nb thin films to look at Hc2 parallel to the film.


Angela has been growing and measuring many films. Above you can see her in the Georgia Tech cleanroom as we measured the thickness of the niobium films. We are looking at the effect of different cleaning processes on the film properties now.


Angela Hunziker arrived from Europe and has started her research effort. She will be attempting to optimize the niobium deposition process.